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Colossians 4:7-9

Encourage One Another

7 All my state shall Tychicus declare unto you, [who is] a beloved brother, and a faithful minister and fellowservant in the Lord: 8 Whom I have sent unto you for the same purpose, that he might know your estate, and comfort your hearts; 9 With Onesimus, a faithful and beloved brother, who is [one] of you. They shall make known unto you all things which [are done] here.

Paul's commitment to the ministry of the gospel and his love for the saints in the churches over which the Lord had given hin charge, is no more evident than it is here. While he is a prisoner at Rome and in grave danger for the gospel's sake, he sends two close fellowservants to Colosse to report on himself and the ministry and to inquire about the welfare of the church.

"All my state..." Is better rendered as, "all my things." Paul wanted them to know everything about himself and his ministry. Tychicus would bear this report to Colosse. Tychicus was "a beloved brother," one who was very close to Paul and whose services would be missed while he traveled to Colosse. However, Paul had placed the Colossians' interests ahead of his own convenience or needs. Tychicus was certified by Paul, whose word was golden, to be "a faithful minister and fellowservant in the Lord." He was much more to Paul than a mere letter carrier.

"Whom I have sent unto you for the same purpose,.." The same purpose that Paul had just mentioned. Tychicus' purpose was to relay all of the news about Paul's work and ministry, but he also had two other purposes.

The first was to discover how the church was doing. Were they being steadfast in preaching the gospel? Was church discipline being exercised? Were any false teachers affecting the fellowship and harmony of the church? How many new converts had joined them? Paul had a genuine interest in their spiritual welfare and wanted them to know it.

The third purpose that Tychicus had was to "comfort" their hearts. He literally wanted to encourage their hearts to continue working for the spread of the gospel and to live by it.

With Tychicus, Paul was also sending Onesimus. He was a runaway slave who came to Paul and was sent back to his master Philemon. Onesimus was probably won to Christ by Paul. Now, he was also serving in the ministry with Paul who called him a "faithful and beloved brother." Evidently Onesimus was at that time either a member of the Colossian church or a native of that area. He would help Tychicus report the news of Paul's ministry.

Before The Throne:

Ask the Lord to multiply your love for His work as He had done for Paul. Pray that, when the time comes, you will be able to put Christ, His gospel, and His church ahead of your own interests. Ask for the opportunity and the right words to encourage others in their walk with Christ. Give the Lord thanks for making you a part of this wonderful work of reconciling all men to Christ.

For Further Study:

** my. Eph 6:21-23; ** Tychicus. Acts 20:4; 2Tim 4:12; Titus 3:12; ** a beloved. Col 4:9, 12; Eph 6:21; Phil 2:25; ** a faithful. 1Co 4:1-4;

(v.8 ) ** I have. 1Cor 4:17; 2Cor 12:18; Eph 6:22; Phil 2:28; 1Thess 3:5; ** and comfort. Col 2:2; Isa 40:1; Isa 61:2-3; 2Cor 1:4; 2Cor 2:7; 1Thess 2:11; 1Thess 3:2; 1Thess 4:18; 1Thess 5:11, 14; 2Th 2:17;

(v.9) ** Onesimus. Col 4:7; Phlm 1:10-19;


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